The Foundation recognizes and supports the various ideas that collaborators may have; promotes freedom of genders, races, social conditions and ethnic diversity.

Human and Ethical Quality in our Service

We want organizations to see us as support in achieving their objectives, helping to make all their processes impeccable, achieving evidence of our vocation of service.
The actions directed by GCE Earth are worthy models to follow, having as a pillar the fulfillment of all those practices considered as ethical within the execution of our goals, to generate a climate of trust between GCE Earth and its allies.

We ensure that all our actions, decisions and advice are for the common good and for society in general.

GCE Earth promotes the protection of administrative morals, fundamental rights, and the diffuse rights of people, offering comprehensive advice, sustainable and measurable solutions that benefit society and generate competitive advantages for companies, supported by Social Responsibility as a mechanism of fundamental action.