Our Work

Dr. Andrés Mauricio Rojas Díaz, a man with initiative and a social leader, was invited to the CONSÚLTENOS program with Carlos Blanco to discuss the income tax return of individuals and Social Responsibility in our Corporation.

Banner Andrés Mauricio Rojas Diaz, special guest, Consult us, talks about the Declaration of Income for Natural Persons

Dr. Andrés Mauricio Rojas Díaz guiding entrepreneurs to make their Income Statement.

Present at the Book Fair, invited to the Program El shot Digital of the press and television channel ERADIO TV, to talk about social leadership, entrepreneurship and support to mothers who are heads of households to create new businesses.

Participation of Doctor Andrés Mauricio Rojas Díaz in the Shot Digital program of the E Radio network, as a social leader.

For Grupo Empresarios, the family is essential, and it considers that it is the most important Company, for this reason this Magazine has invited us to be advisers of family finances, being aware that it is necessary to execute household finances in a responsible manner.

The Social Leader Doctor Andrés Mauricio Rojas Díaz teaches the family through this magazine to manage finances so that this is not a problem at home.