GCE Earth is a brand of www.gce.enterprises in charge of the Corporate Social Responsibility of www.grupoconsultorempresarial.com

The Foundation will have, in addition to ensuring administrative morality in contractual, labor and administrative matters, the defense of the fundamental rights of Colombians and diffuse rights, the following objectives:

  • Ensure administrative morality in personnel administration, public contracting, bidding processes, as well as all private contracting that affects national assets and income, and in general in everything related to the administration of the State.
  • Defend public space, the electromagnetic spectrum, public safety and health, as well as the culture and economic heritage of people.
  • Defend the legal order, the administration of justice, the protection of citizens' rights by the State, the executive branch of the public power, the administration of justice, the control entities (Public Ministry, Comptrollerships: National, Departmental and Municipal ), the Attorney General's Office.
  • Monitor administrative morality, public morality, free competition, promote that the production and commercialization of goods and services are clean, of free competition, that does not threaten the health, the safety of consumers and users of all goods and services, which are produced, traded or imported into the country.
  • Ensure that the use of natural resources has as its aim the sustainable development of society, advocates for their conservation, restoration of them, seeking at all times to prevent, control the factors of environmental deterioration; promoting the preservation of the environment, economic and cultural heritage.
  • Defend the right to security, decent housing, with home services, with the necessary space for a Colombian family to have a healthy development, especially the least favored.
  • Monitor the entities in charge of urban planning so that they comply with every one of the regulations that exist on the matter, and globally accepted standards, and in the same way, supervise so that prevention policy and quality of life of people are carried out.
  • It will ensure that international regulations on food, flora and fauna, medicines, medical processes are adapted, and above all that the establishments in charge of the processing, elaboration, and importation of medicines do so respecting the regulations that exist on public health worldwide, and that the different world organizations establish on these matters; as well as ensure that during the process of production and destruction of medicines and those existing environmental regulations are respected.
  • Promote and monitor that respect for national production is maintained by the Government, international treaties, and against any form of association, agreement or national or international contracting, which endangers the economic development of Colombians, either in agriculture, industry, commerce or in front of the goods and services that are produced in Colombia.
  • It will collaborate in the formation of people who advocate for the morals, ethics, and well-being of people, supporting intellectually, morally, socially and economically the people who participate in its philosophy contributing with studies and evaluations related to the purpose of The Foundation.
  • Project in the community the need to increase the number of people who grow, develop, are trained within the principles of the Foundation, and have them as the guiding norm of their lives.